Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 44

Day 44 - Workout 8

When I went to make the bed this morning and struggled to move my arms above my head I knew workout 7 had done it's magic yesterday. I didn't feel sore at all until this morning and was a bit miffed last night, I wanted to feel the burn! Well I completed workout 8 today, about half an hour ago actually and I am already having to walk down stairs side ways. My quads and glutes are SORE!

I kinda knew this was gonna be tough but a crescent pose with rear delt fly INTO warrior 3 - what was she thinking. Well I know what she was thinking - she was thinking I'm gonna burn that layer of fat right off her body with some crazy, insane moves! The pendulum lunges with balance and bicep curl will take some practice. I was a bit all over the place in that one! I found this workout fun though, there was a lot of joking and bantering going on and although some people can't stand that when they are working out, I find a little laughter helps me to push through. The rock star jumps were MAD. I was really focusing on getting as high as I could and I felt a bit like a little kid jumping up and down.

All in all a good workout & I burnt 251 calories.

 Yesterday's dinner
Lean beef chilli served over white cabbage, topped with roasted leeks, mushrooms and carrots.
I really enjoyed this and didn't miss the pasta or rice I would normally have served under the chilli.
From now on I will post my meals from the day before so you get to see a whole days food at a time. So you all will have to wait to see my Delicious creations from today :)
In other news.......
1. My beloved Mr F has started his very own Body Revolution. Yes folks that's right he's jumping on the Jillian Michaels weight loss band wagon. He completed workout 1 last night and found it "not too bad" Bahahaha - just you wait!
2. The 3 monkeys LOVE my new workout mats. They are now car driving mats, Lego building mats & lets practice our cartwheels mats!
3. I have drunk so much water today I may as well just move into the bathroom!
4. My arms are getting progressively sorer as I type this - Thank you Jillian
And that is what we are all aiming for - A strong, healthy body
Until tomorrow peeps - remember to Keep Pushing x

Monday, 29 April 2013

Seaside Walks & Body Revolution Day 43

Day 43 - Workout 7

I wanted to run right up to the screen this morning and give Jillian a big 'ole kiss hello! I was raring to go. Well I was actually a little nervous to be honest. After my calorie obsession, workout overload freak out I wasn't sure if I was ready to jump right back in at workout 7 but I did and I'm glad.

There was nothing too crazy in here although there are a lot of push up/plank moves. I just kept up as best I could and when I needed to modify, I did. The plank walk feels awkward, Jillian tells you to drag your feet but when you watch some of the others they are walking their feet so that's what I did. Crow push ups look great on screen but I'm pretty sure mine did not look so graceful! still at least I was trying! The hop around the mat things were funny, I just sort of made up my own little hop pattern and kept moving. There is a move similar to one from the 30 day shred where you extend one leg whilst raising the weights above your head. Having done this before I found it ok but with 10 lb weights I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow.

I am really glad I decided to push on with this programme. It gives me such a feeling of pride that I have pushed my body to it's limits each day. I am positive that with the correct eating habits to accompany it, the results are going to be great.

Speaking of eating habits I have taken a good long look at my diet (I mean what I eat, not as in on a diet) I am trying to clean it up a lot. Cutting out white bread, white pasta, certain processed foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives. I am chugging down gallons of water (and peeing every 5 minutes) Every time I feel like having something I haven't planned for or that I know I shouldn't I am going to say to myself "can you just do it today?" If I can just get today done then I can focus on tomorrow and the next day. Taking each day one step at a time. Making the right choices just for today and worrying about tomorrow when it comes.

This mornings "cleaner" breakfast looked like this

1 wholemeal pitta bread with a spicy bean filling. I just took 1 tin of kidney beans and 1 tin of baked beans and simmered them together with some chilli powder & cumin.

I have 4 portions of this made for the rest of the week along with couscous for Mr F's lunches

Here is Saturday night's Chinese curry as promised

Tonight I am having some extra lean beef chilli from the freezer served over white cabbage instead of pasta & roasted leeks, mushrooms & carrots
I have finally found a solution to my slippy mat issues.
Interlocking play mats!
They don't move AND I have a really pretty work space haha

Sunday afternoon we took the boys out on their bikes with my parents.

Nanny & the boys
We are so lucky to live by the coast, it was a beautiful day

Oscar & Grandad
I am feeling positive about this week, I hope you are all giving it your all and pushing onwards x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lonely Kittens & Happy Reunions

Do you know what? I miss Body Revolution. Like REALLY miss it. Like a little lost kitten misses it's mother (more on that later!) I miss the feeling of pride and accomplishment that no matter what, everyday I showed up & pressed play. I was motivating others too. I promised myself I WOULD NOT QUIT. 
I got frustrated that I was seeing no weight loss. I was kidding myself that by some insane miracle, Jillian's workout was to blame. I mean think about it, really? The lady has made millions by using the EXACT same methods on the biggest loser and those contestants lost a shit tonne of weight!
Something doesn't add up. So I had a good, long, HONEST think about the last few months. Here's what I came up with:
 Did I honestly log EVERY single thing I ate & drank - No not really, I thought I was but in all reality I was only really logging my 3 main meals & snacks. Those little bites of the kids dinner, those glasses of wine in the evening, those weekends when I didn't really log anything because it was the weekend. Before Christmas when I was losing every single week, I was logging everything on my weight watchers log sheet. EVERYTHING! and do you know why I think I may have been more honest then? Because only I could see it. On MFP I had other people viewing my diary and I didn't want to be honest about that sausage off the boys plate, or the fact I had so much wine on a Saturday that I couldn't actually remember!
So could it be that I was actually eating too much? Even with all the working out was I just out eating my exercise - even unknowingly? Perhaps the workouts were never the problem, perhaps I just need to be honest with myself like I was before.
I won't know and that's frustrating because if I had logged everything that passed my lips I would at least know what was not working. So lesson learned. I will now log EVERY morsel. I will count points (it just works for me) and I will write it on my WW log sheet. 
Being honest with yourself is hard, working out is hard, having discipline is hard, being fat is hard - I just need to choose my hard
I was disciplined in my workouts, I showed up 6 times a week, sometimes more. I need to find that discipline in my diet, in my logging, in my choices.
I will find it. I will succeed.
I am going to Normandy, France in 6 weeks time. If I pick up Body Revolution where I left off I can complete all workouts by then (except the extra 13th week which is a repeat of weeks 11 & 12, that was only added to make it a 90 day programme to compete with P90 X, TapouT XT and the other 90 day programmes out there)
I will be running instead of the cardio workouts. I can't do both at the moment so something will have to give. I am good with that though. If I can fit in one extra run a week to make it 3 I will. If not, then so be it.
I will stick to a points value that works for me or that has worked for me before. I will not get caught up in BMR & TDEE & starvation mode. Just keep it simple. Honest logging and good foods.
So yay - here we go again - watch this space for some decent results! This is all about a lifestyle change for me but short term challenges & goals help to motivate you when the big picture seems - well - big!
So I challenge myself in the next 6 weeks to:
Complete Body Revolution
Complete C25K Training
To refrain from alcohol Mon - Thurs
To honestly log every thing I eat - every day
To weigh in every Saturday & post the results NO MATTER WHAT!
I give you, my readers, permission to yell, scream, cuss (all cyber-tronically of course!) if I slip or become slack in following through. 
If any one wants to join me & have me post your story along with your weekly weigh in - measure - whatever, please leave a comment and we'll get you featured! We can push each other to become Hot Mommas by Summer!

 Saturday Scale Status 27/04/2013 = 166 lbs

OK so I know you're dying to know about the sad kitty thing so here goes. You may remember on Thursday I was harping on about what a lovely, sunny day it was? So we all spent some time in the garden. When it was time to come in I left it to Mr F to lock the shed. So he did. With the cat in it. Fast forward to Saturday morning & I realised I had not seen Vader at the kitchen window waiting to come in like she does every morning. So I opened the back door and called her. Her response was a heart broken meowing coming from the shed. I rushed out pj's an all and rescued my poor kitty from her prison. She was fine - angry - but fine. She was also starving hungry (well you would be after 36 hours with no food!) She is an independent cat and does wander in and out all day so I didn't really notice she was missing until this morning, although I did say to Mr F last night that I hadn't seen her all day. Well lesson learnt (on both sides I hope) she needs to stay out of places she doesn't belong and we need to make sure the sheds are empty before locking them!

This is how tiny she was when we first got her - so cute!
Iron man was a good film although JJ was a fidget like I knew he would be. Both boys lasted until the end though, which at 9.30 is late for them. Yes all 3 of my children go to bed between 6.30 & 7pm. I love them dearly but by then I NEED A BREAK! & they need their sleep so it's all good!
I am off to plan my meals and snacks for the week. If I plan it out I am more likely to stick with it rather than just trying to wing it.
Wish me luck x

Friday, 26 April 2013

Skinny Anger

Running has been an epic FAIL this week. Life got in the way & I still have bad pain in my shins when I walk. I really hope it's just muscle soreness from all the walking and carrying Oscar around Legoland on Monday. I WILL do it next week & it's not like I've done nothing, I have still walked for an hour a day (6 on Monday!) and have done some arm weights. I still want those Jillian Michaels shoulders that I've been aiming for the last couple of months!

Do you ever feel angry that you're not naturally slim? I do or I should say that I did. I'd see someone out with a newborn and instead of cooing over the baby I'd be checking out the new mother. I would think how come she's so slim and she has a BABY! That's not right I looked flabby & squishy post baby why doesn't she? Or the mum in the playground who is constantly eating when I see her - crisps, chocolate - cakes - you name it she eats it, she is never without food. she never works out and just laughs it off "oh yeah I can never put on weight, It's sooo hard" WTF! have some of mine, no really TAKE IT!

But recently my attitude has changed. I no longer feel jealous of those naturally slim people. Why? Because I am EARNING my body. I workout hard. I eat well (mostly!) I'm not naturally slim and I have to work bloody hard to get to where I want to be and that makes me proud! I will continue to make myself proud everyday. I will NOT give up just because I was dealt fatty genes (and I don't want to wear fatty jeans)

Be proud of what YOU have accomplished and how strong and healthy YOU are making yourself!

Food has been balanced between the very good & the not so good. One meal that was really good (and healthy) was this
Jamaican Jerk chicken salad with roasted vegetable couscous

I am planning a Chinese chicken & vegetable curry for the weekend - all low fat, low calorie & packed with veggies. I just use garlic, Cumin powder, Coriander powder, Chilli powder, Garam masala and a crushed chicken stock cube. Combine the spices and fry in a teaspoon of oil. Then add water and cornflour and reduce to make the desired sauce thickness. Stir fry some chicken breast & onions and add that and your other veg to the sauce. Simmer for 30 minutes and add half a teaspoon of turmeric if desired (makes a more yellow Chinese looking sauce) Will post photos at the weekend

Tonight will be a quick oven chicken & spicy baked beans dinner because...
 Mr F & I are taking the older boys to see this
When I say older I mean 5 & 7 but it is a 12A so they are allowed to see it. Big B will sit through anything, he is a film buff like his daddy. JJ I'm not so sure, he is a fidget and I normally spend the entire film telling him to sit still! This is the first "adult" film they have seen though & the first one at night, we usually go in the daytime so hopefully he will be better.
I can't wait until we can take little O with us but he is just too young at the moment.
I love having my boys all together
 Although this lovely scene quickly turned into this
Dog Pile!
Happy Friday peeps xoxo 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sunshine, Steak & Cake!

Howdy friends, it's another beautiful sunny day here in South East England. I actually got a bit sun burned yesterday sitting in the garden watching the boys play.
I love little O's look of absolute adoration at big brother J (yes I really need to get a new trampoline net, they have trashed it)

Cool dude

I know the weather wont last so I am making the most of it.
C25K did not happen yesterday due to glorious sunshine and Mr F & I heading out for dinner when he got in from work. It is nice to get out to eat without the boys sometimes, I can actually sit and enjoy a meal without making endless trips to the toilet or wiping up spills or cutting up food - well I do cut my own up, I don't just shove a whole hunk of steak in my mouth!
Here is my steak & ribs combo
See that teeny tiny pot on the left? that is a serving of coleslaw
Hardly a serving, more like a teaspoon!
Mr F had this desert and I shared a few spoonfuls
It was a lovely evening
Today little O & I are out to breakfast with my parents.
Yes this week I have not done well with operation skinny Vicki! After quitting MyFitnessPal & taking a break from Body Revolution I am struggling to get back into running and point counting. I know it works FOR ME but not if I don't actually enforce it. I need that mind shift to happen - you know the one when it just suddenly "clicks" and you think "yeah, I can do this!" It's coming and I just gotta KEEP PUSHING! & so do you, together we can take this all the way!
I know I wanted to see 164 lbs on Monday BUT if I maintain 166 I will be pleased. Although I am trying to lose weight I also need to learn how to eat to MAINTAIN weight when I get to my goal. If I have a few weeks along the way where we eat out, it teaches me how to do so sensibly WITHOUT gaining. This is all about a lifestyle change for me and that includes mixing the good days with the not so good days. I am not interested in fad diets or quick fixes that cause me to starve myself then gain all the weight back when I start to eat normally again.
However, I need to understand that one cheat meal does not need to = a cheat DAY & should not turn into a cheat WEEK!
 I think that should be my new mantra "You can't compete with what you eat!"
I need to get my exercise head back on and I am really missing Jillian and my workouts with her, but as I said to a friend, it is only a temporary seperation. We will get back together eventually! For now running is to be my priority.
Hope you all have good weather in your part of the world today
Until tomorrow remember to just Keep Pushing! 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lego & Laughter

I had a post all ready to go on Sunday, then with one thing and another I got side tracked so I'll start today by going back to Sunday (That means if you don't work Sundays you can all take the day off - You're welcome)

So my Sunday went a little like this:

Aaah - Peace (no not in a hippy "peace man" kinda way)
I mean that it is 6.37 am on a SUNDAY morning and I am the only one up. Thank you to one of my school mum friends for throwing a birthday party at a soft play area - at night.
That is some kind of genius right there. Kids run round - get worn out - come home to bed - parents get a lay in. It ALMOST excuses spending our Saturday evening in a soft play area in the first place!
We are so Hardcore!
 Excited for the party

Scrap that, it is now 6.45 & I have Jakey boy chattering in one ear and the elephant like stomps coming from upstairs alert me to the fact that the rest of the clan are on their way.
My little J is sooo funny. As a toddler he used to sleep walk a bit but seemed to grow out of it. Well last night there was a big crash and after last weeks head banging incident Mr F didn't hesitate to run to his room (fantastic mummy that I am, I was completely sparko - didn't hear a thing!) and found him trying to get into the cupboard!

Ba ha ha ha - where did we get that child?

The rest of Sunday was crazy manic so instead of sending Mr F to work on Monday, we decided to be responsible parents & keep the boys off school - purely for educational purposes of course!

and took them here

What? They are only young once!

We had a fantastic day and I really ache today from all the walking.

It was worth it to see the pure joy on their faces all day long.

Pure joy until this one...

Jake is convinced Lego Indiana Jones cracked him one with his whip!

So he hit him back!

Today, although I am shattered, I will be doing Week 5 Day 1 of C25K. I am back on it like a car bonnet baby! (what does that even mean?)

From now on I will do a weekly weigh in. So here you have this weeks weight

166 lbs

I am hoping next week will see that move down to 164 but we shall see.

Until tomorrow x


Friday, 19 April 2013

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes (Turn & face the strain)

OK so I can't sing which is a good thing you can't hear me. But listen up there's gonna be some changes up in here!

This could get kinda long, so turn off the phone, grab a drink and get comfy. If you need to pee do so now. I'll wait. Go.

OK are we ready?

I. AM. BURNT. OUT. There I said it.

I have been working out 2-3 times a day, 6 days a week and lost no weight or significant inches (read dress sizes) for 4 months! I am fed up.

I realised I was becoming OBSESSED with food and what I can and can't eat (& drink). I was in a cycle of constantly under eating - over eating - punishing myself by under eating again and so on and so on.

This actually hit me on Wednesday when, because I had gone slightly over calories Tuesday, I had a small chicken breast and a few veg for my dinner. It was 207 calories. I had not eaten since 11am and this was 7.30 pm. I had also burnt over 800 calories through exercise that day. Not good. Alarm bells started ringing (thankfully!)

This has been happening more and more often.

By severely restricting myself I am getting into a binge - starve behaviour which is only one step from binge - purge behaviour.

I love food and I love life. I do not want to be constantly obsessing about how many calories I shove in my cake hole and how I can burn them off again.

So I have decided to strip it right back to basics. After reading some inspirational posts from other weight loss bloggers, Here & Here I asked myself a few questions.

How did you lose 24lbs? - By counting old school weight watcher points & running

Why did you stop doing that? - I stopped counting points because I got hooked on MyFitnessPal and everyone else was counting calories.

I stopped running because again, my obsession with weight loss forums told me strength training = good, cardio (running) = waste of time.

What did you gain by changing things? About 3lbs - No seriously it's true. I have gone up & down the SAME 3 lbs since Christmas. Before Christmas (running and point counting) I was losing 1-2 lb a week. EVERY WEEK!

Apart from eating good food & drinking wine, what do you love to do? RUN. Running gives me a high that I don't get with any other exercise. I actually smile when I run! I want to run further & longer & enter races and BE a RUNNER!

After honestly answering these questions I have decided to pause Body Revolution.

I will continue to re-do C25K 3 times a week at least.

I will eat 3 balanced meals a day. I may count the calories, I may count the WW points, I may just be sensible. I will not drink alcohol Monday - Friday. I will have MODERATE treats at the weekends (not complete and utter all out binges!)

I have decided to stop logging in to MyFitnessPal every day. I will continue to blog about my journey and read the blogs that inspire me. I will be happy to support any of you in your journeys if I can but I no longer feel reading the forums on there every day is good for me. There will always be another post on why running is bad or how we should all eat 600 calories a day or no, wait actually this week it's 3500 calories or whatever! What I mean is there will always be something that works for someone else. I am going to stop being a sheep & focus on what works for me. So there! 

I know I can do this and I can do it for life. That is after all, my main goal (after reaching 140lbs that is - and yes the number on the scale DOES matter to me)

I got too caught up in what other people were doing and what was making them successful. I ignored the fact that I was already successful and you know what they say "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!"

I may cut back my posts to 3-4 times a week other than every day. I am getting into pinterest and will start sharing some more recipes, fashion looks and exercises I find there.

I am not saying I will never do anything other than run, but for now that is what I want to do. I may add some arm exercises to keep the bingo wings at bay, but I'm talking while watching TV or watching the boys take a bath. Nothing to scheduled.

So there you have it (if you are still awake) Those are the ch ch ch ch changes - Sorry, cant help myself.

I must leave you with a few shots of what I saw on the school run yesterday.

This is the view of Master O in his buggy. Minus trousers.
Why he felt the need to remove them and show his booty to the world I will never know.

He is a clown & I love him
He also took this photo of me this morning with my phone
Ah it was a bad hair day anyway

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Body Revolution Day 38 & C25K - My Butt is crying!

Day 38 - Cardio 2

Today I shall name "What the F*#k Wednesday" as in WTF was I thinking walking the boys to school, followed by cardio 2, followed by C25K Week 4 Day 2. I don't know but I do know my ass HURTS. I have yet to collect the boys from school, I think I may be walking like I've pooped my pants - Great!

Today's workout was horrible for the first 2 circuits. By circuit 3 I realised I was nearly done and I had to suck it up and get on with it. Yes I am feeling like a whiny bitch today. I kept talking to (yelling at) Jillian when she gave us another move or gave some little pep talk about tiny trousers! But in the end I GOT. IT. DONE! calories burnt 285.

C25K Week 4 - Day 2

So as is now customary following the torture that is cardio 2, I hopped on the treadmill for a run. I love my runs - I may face a wall but I get a lot of good thinking done there. 

Today was run 3 minutes - walk 90 seconds - run 5 minutes - walk 2 1/2 minutes - run 3 minutes - walk 90 seconds - run 5 minutes = calories burnt 303

This is my treadmill in the home gym (read dining room/general dumping ground with exercise equipment in)

We also have this weight bench & squat stands

And these Olympic weights

Along with an Olympic bar, a standard bar with more weights, plus my weights for Body Revolution!
Actually it does ALL get used a lot so I don't mind
I'm actually in a really odd mood today. I want to go out for dinner, or get a takeaway and watch a movie with snacks. I have no idea why? I just feel like I want a little fun or an occasion. It is not good that I still link these things with enjoyment, but there you go. At least this is a one off feeling, if I felt this way every day it would be a problem.
I'm still not convinced about this scale ban I've imposed. I want to know! I am doing Body Revolution 6 days a week, C25K 2 days a week and walk 1 hour a day 5 days a week. I eat an average of 1800 calories a day over the week (TDEE - 20%) Surely somethings gotta give, right? Apparently I need 1400 calories a day just to stay alive so if you add in all the extras I'm burning this weight HAS to shift. I feel a little obsessed with it all at the moment, like it's consuming every waking thought. I would love to find a happy healthy balance.
Food today is nothing new (so far - if we do go out I will report back!)
Have you checked out my new about me page up the top there ^  I thought if you're showing up to read this everyday you should at least know a little about me.
I am in the process of creating another page with blogs I love on, so if you have a blog you want featured, drop me a comment with your blog address and I'll check it out.
I have to shuffle down to the school now so I will say Adios - Until tomorrow x 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Body Revolution Day 37 - Tragedy

Before I mention my workouts today I just want to send my condolences out to those who have lost  loved ones or had them injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing today. It is such a tragedy & such a sad sad world where even people coming together to raise money for charity & accomplish their own dreams are not safe. You are in our thoughts.

 A fellow Blogger shared this on Facebook

Day 37 - Workout 6

This morning after the school run I dropped little guy at nanny's house and got my workout done. Much better to do in peace! I'm not sure about calorie burn, halfway through my HRM decided to lose my heart rate (perhaps Jillian had finaly killed me!) Nope, it picked me up again at the end of the workout. I will tell you I was a hot sweaty mess (nice!)  I do like the ab work from today. It really hurts, but apparantly that's a good thing. The cable curls are much better with my lighter resistance band but they do still burn! I quite like the reverse plank, I can hold it well - that is until Kenta? I think it's him - starts making some very strange noises that do not sound like exercising - well not this kind of exercise anyway. Very off putting, listen out next time, you'll hear what I mean. Only one more of this workout left to do.

Me & little O after my workout.


As promised pictures of last night's dinner

Veg, ready to go in the oven

The end result with tandoori chicken

And a little snap of todays lunch - Home made soup, cracker breads, boiled egg, sliced ham & green olives (499 calories for a load of food!)
Dinner tonight involves lean minced beef, seasoning & lots of veg thrown in for good measure.
When I dropped little guy at the parents this morning my Dad asked if I was working out every day. I told him no just 6 days a week! JUST ha ha! Well anyway he said it sure is working - awwww bless him. Then my mum says do you have to do it forever? Well Body Revolution may feel like the longest 90 days of my life, but no, not forever. She looked relieved until I told her that after 90 days there will be something else - then something else. I can't go back to not exercising. I wont let my hard work come undone. So no, Body revolution or any fitness programme does not have to be forever - But something does. Every. Damn. Day. (to quote Jillian Michaels) 
So whether it's eating right or moving your body - GET IT DONE!
I hope YOU are pushing through your boundaries today. Remember Sweat, Hard Work, Dedication - It WILL pay off!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 36 & a Tampering Toddler!

Day 36 - Workout 5

Well I went back to exercising mid-morning rather than first thing 'cause that just wasn't working for me. I need to wake up & get some food in me if I am gonna give it all I've got! So after walking boys 1&2 to school (121 calories burnt) I came home and decided to get to it. I should have waited. I had forgotten what trying to workout with a 2 year old around was like. He hid my resistance band, he opened the door onto me while I was "scissoring" my legs, he NEEDED to get past while I was"wood chopping" and generally just distracted me. Tomorrow I will wait until he goes for his afternoon nap before attempting to workout. After all the hassle, I was not feeling workout 5 today. I felt drained and like Jillian was asking too much! The crab dips were upsetting me, I just didn't see why we had to keep doing them over & over. The moves with the resistance band (when I located it) seemed clumsy and rushed. I was glad when it was over. I burnt 274 calories though, so I'm not too disappointed.  Oh well not every workout can make you feel on top of the world. At least I showed up and pressed play, that's the main thing!

What is making me feel on top of the world today is the big burning ball of yellow that is back in the sky. It is a beautiful spring day and we have had two in a row, which always puts a smile on my face. I even managed to get out and start tidying the garden which means summer is on it's way! I am a real summer girl. Don't get me wrong I do love winter coziness - Log fires, Christmas, Snow and all that but Summer to me means kids playing in the garden from 7am to 7pm, BBQs, trips to the beach, picnics and so much more freedom. BRING IT ON!


Sunday nights dinner turned into salt & chilli BAKED chicken and egg BAKED rice. Both dishes call for frying in the recipe but not this girl. Served with leftover cheese & mushroom garlic bread. Almost any food can be adapted to fit in with your goals and to make you healthier. Picture as promised

Breakfast - Back to apricot & honey porridge today

Lunch - Home made soup, cracker bread, Kellogg's All Bran breakfast biscuit & Fat free natural youghrt (this was very sour, I may use it for cooking instead)

Dinner - Tonight I am making Tandoori griddled chicken served with roasted carrots & leeks. I may add some couscous to bring my calories up a bit.

I am interested in how many calories different people trying to lose weight consume. If you are on a weight loss journey feel free to leave a comment saying how many calories you eat, your height & weight and if it is working for you. Maybe we can all help each other find what works for us.

I still have 3 weeks until I weigh in, it feels strange not knowing if I'm going up or down. I will just keep on pushing and I know the results will follow.

I am off soon to pick up the boys from school so more calorie burning. I have missed them but today has gone very fast! Mr F & I are determined to have no wine until Friday now so I better get chugging my water. This is our own mini challenge as it is a habit we can easily slip into. We WILL succeed!

Happy Monday everyone x

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Body Revolution Days 34 & 35 & C25K Week 4 Day 1 - Back to school blues!

Day 34 - Cardio 2 & C25K Week 4 Workout 1

Yes I skipped ahead to week 4 on the Couch to 5K programme. I have run before so I want to start somewhere that will challenge me. Trust me, jumping on the treadmill straight after completing Cardio 2 of Body Revolution, it definitely DID challenge me. That's better, I will go from there. This run/walk burnt 317 calories. I must sort out the music on my Ipod because halfway through it started playing Christmas songs! Now I love Christmas songs as much as the next girl BUT - Not very motivating on a sunny day in April.

Cardio 2 was FUN again. I'm not sure why I love this so much? I think Jillian and the team have a really positive attitude and it forces me to push myself. I have found with the "skiers" that if I twist my hips fully each jump, I keep time much better than just little moves. Otherwise I feel like I'm going double time! I have to keep chanting side - centre - side - centre to keep me focused lol! The skaters that I had to modify to step touch in 30 day shred seem easy in comparison to back then. It shows that Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is not just a weight loss programme, you will also gain strength and stamina - FAST! The hooks and upper cuts make me feel strong - like a fighter. I'm not sure I look strong, I probably look more like your grandad dances to disco at a wedding, but I FEEL strong! I'm pretty sure I also look ridiculous during high knees but that's ok because it's how I look AFTER the programme that counts. Total calorie burn for this was 345 calories.

In the afternoon Mr F & I took the boys swimming. No great calorie burn there as it was just a lot of lifting Oscar out of the water and catching him as he jumped back in. There are water slides and a wave machine and the boys loved it. After the two intensive workouts I had done in the morning, it was lovely to sit in the Jacuzzi pool and let my muscles relax. Honestly the temperature was like bath water - well not MY bath water as Mr F says you could boil a lobster in it! but it was warm.

I didn't take my HRM much to the boys dismay, they are thrilled with the fact it is waterproof and want to see it in action under water! Crazy kids. I love my HRM. It is fantastic to know what you actually burn during a workout and it pushes me to go harder because I don't want to see a lower burn than the last time I did that workout. I also left it on after my 2 workouts yesterday while my heart rate came back to normal and I burnt another 73 calories just sitting chatting to Mr F for 13 minutes. I know they are not accurate when worn all day but when your heart rate is elevated they are pretty spot on. I have the Polar FT 7 and I wouldn't be without it now.

Day 35 - Rest

This is a tough one for me, when you get into the habit of working out 6 days a week it is hard to stop and take a rest day. I am a creature of habit and I feel RESTLESS not RESTED! I will throw myself into other things to keep me busy and enjoy the time but I will be back at it HARD tomorrow.

Plans for today:

1. Get older boys School uniform ready for back to school tomorrow and ensure home work is done and books are read etc.

2. Put away the MOUNTAIN of clean washing that has accumulated in the spare room.

3. Make a delicious dinner (not sure what yet, any ideas?)

4. Sneak in a little book reading. I have persevered with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and I am now on book 3. I'm glad I stuck to it because It is really interesting now.

5. When the boys are in bed, get some snuggle time with Mr F and watch the second half of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Another perseverance job, we started it months ago and watched 10 minutes before switching it off. We put it on as a last resort last night and got hooked. It is a much different story than I anticipated and a really good film.


Friday Dinner - I ended up making this yummy salad with BBQ chicken, onions and peppers topped with Mexican cheddar & green olives
Breakfast - 
Saturday I had Sausage mushroom and onion scramble.
Today I had a treat. 2 English muffins topped with tinned tomatoes and grated cheddar browned under the grill.

Lunch -
Saturday was a quick mug of soup before swimming
Today will most likely be the same  
Dinner -
Saturday was lemon, garlic & black pepper chicken with jalapeno poppers and cheese & mushroom garlic bread (What? it was a Saturday night!)
Today  I am thinking maybe Chinese chicken curry with broccoli & potato - photos tomorrow
So that's my Sunday plan, who knows what will actually happen though. Mr F is out working on both cars so the boys have gone out to be designated helpers. So cute to see them passing him spanners and wrenches! There is a definite "back to school" atmosphere in the house today. Bailey is sombre & sulky, Jake is excited and Oscar is just Oscar. I on the other hand am feeling bitter-sweet. I love having the boys home but am looking forward to getting back into our daily routine.
Are your little ones back to school yet? Do you miss them or secretly relish the peace?
Until tomorrow  - remember to keep pushing x

Friday, 12 April 2013

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Day 33 - Super sets & Speeding Tickets

Day 33 - Workout 6

Second time round for workout 6 today. My arms are aching right now. I realised that last time I did this workout, I was doing one of the moves wrong. There is a bent over row that I hadn't realised my palms were supposed to face FORWARD. I had been doing them with my palms backwards which works a whole different muscle group - DOH! The Super Abs Set in this one really works them - hard. The windshield wipers are just downright painful but I love knowing I will feel it tomorrow. I find the cross over lunge with bicep curl confusing. It takes a couple of reps to get the hang of them. I think I will use my 10 lbs on these next time, 5 lbs seemed too light. I ROCKED the ROCK STAR jumps today. I wish I could have seen myself lol! I really concentrated on pulling my heels up and back. They are tough to do for one minute though!

Today's workout burnt 306 calories which is pretty good.

Tomorrow is Cardio 2 & hopefully some Couch to 5 K in there too.

So today I've talked about the fitness but the family & fun aren't quite feeling it today. By 8 am I had already hung up the phone on Mr F and fallen out with my 7 year old! Not bad going huh?

The former is to do with an incredibly stupid speeding ticket that Mr F acquired. Now, it's not my problem if he gets a ticket - he was alone in the car and if he wants to be stupid so be it. The stupid came when he rang me at 7.30 am to tell me about it! Way to ruin my day thanks! I now have a whole week to wait and see if a £60 fine drops on the mat. That's a whole week of me being pissed at him for saying "it's just one of those things that happens" NOT if you stick to the speed limit it's not! (He was actually doing around 35 mph in a 30 mph zone that is not residential) BUT that's not the point. I rarely hang up on him (anymore - I've matured, really) and now I get to spend the day feeling bad that he is at work feeling bad.

The argument with my 7 year old was just our usual clash of tempers - me trying not to lose mine and him having a raging one! I am dreading his teenage years.

I will not let that defeat me though. I am determined to use my frustrations to fuel my work outs. It is Friday and and that can only mean good things. Movie night for my boys (sofa dinner & a treat) The start of the weekend so no alarm in the morning (well - 3 little boy alarms usually do the trick anyway) and some fun activities.


Breakfast - 2 Slices toast with cheese spread & Tea 

Lunch - Thick vegetable soup, cracker breads, yoghurt & and a Kellogg's All Bran Biscuit Bar

Dinner - The other day I did the boys oven roasted carrot sticks with their dinner. OMG they were sooo good. Just a little spray oil then shake on garlic powder and black pepper and roast. So tonight I am going to have them with cook in the bag BBQ chicken breast with peppers & onions.

How about you? Do you have plans to work out this weekend? Whatever you do, have a good one x