Thursday, 30 May 2013

Smaller Size NSV

It's Thursday & that means linking up with KTJ for
If you are on a weight loss journey like me, you may be familiar with the in-between size syndrome I suffer from. That annoying feeling when one size is clearly too large but the next size down clearly should not be worn in public!
For what feels like forever, I have been wearing a UK 16 (US 14 - I think) In all honestly I probably should have been in an 18 when I was 23lbs heavier, but I was stubbornly squeezing myself into the 16's - not a good look. Lately though the 16's have been hanging off, but after trying on some 14's at Christmas I knew there was no way I'm ready to move down to that size officially.
This weekend we stopped by New Look & they were having a fantastic sale. They had 2 pairs of really great shorts, super cheap. Problem was they were both a size 14 and I was pushed for time so I bought them.
Got home and rushed upstairs then did the little eyes squinted shut, breath held move I usually use when trying on something I'm pretty sure won't fit. And would you believe they slid right up and buttoned nicely.
The grin on my face must have said it all as Mr F said "what's so funny?"
So I suppose I am now officially a size 14.
I know that was a really long winded NSV but I'm sure some of you can relate to that feeling of dread when trying on something new. No matter how hard we workout, how well we stick to the plan, sometimes we don't truly believe changes are happening. That is why I love this link up, my clothes are telling a whole different story than the scale and that is what matters.
It is important to find every other way you are changing your life for the better and use that scale number as a last resort. It is just one piece in a huge puzzle and is not the be all and end all of your journey.

I got another run in this morning (at 11 am instead of 5.30 am - I had stomach pains keeping me up in the night & I was NOT getting up to run after that!) I did just over 3K again. I did a few walk/sprint splits for variety and my legs are feeling it now!

Today's food is pretty similar to yesterday's - once I find something I like and it works, I just tend to keep having it.

 Breakfast - Ham, boiled eggs (mashed up with extra light mayo) & cucumber

Lunch - Chicken, roasted veg & fruit

And a picture of last night's chilli & white cabbage with roasted leeks and peppers

(excuse crappy lighting pic)

And....... a picture of Ruby looking really guilty about something

I will probably discover what she did later x o x o

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

It's that time of the week again so I'm linking up with Heather for

Pretty Strong Medicine

The link up has been taken over by new hosts so make sure you head over to check them out :)

So after last weeks 3lb GAIN due to high salt, processed crap consumed while I was ill, I am pleased to announce I am back down 2 of those pesky pounds.

Start weight - 188 lb
Last week's weight - 167 lb
Today's weight - 165 lb

Just over 2 weeks until my holiday and my 32nd birthday and I'm still hanging on to that 160 lb goal.

I ran this morning and managed just over 3K which is ok considering I haven't done much at all for over a week. I still have my virtual 5K to complete which I will be doing on the 7th or 8th of June so I need to get more training in. I have decided that for the next 2 weeks, I am going to get up and get a run in at 5.30 am. That way Mr F is still home to watch the boys (if they're up, they really shouldn't be, nobody should be up at that time of day unless they have too!) I am going to try for everyday but we will see how my body takes it.

I must remember to set out my workout clothes and set up the treadmill tonight before I go to bed so I'm not rushing around like an idiot in the morning. I hope I have some morning motivating sunshine to greet me and make my run more pleasant

The view from my treadmill with the patio doors open :)

I will try to throw a few Body Revolution days in there too or at least an arm and back workout with my weights.

Today's Breakfast was more enjoyable than yesterdays - Ham, 2 boiled eggs & cucumber (no pic - sorry)

For lunch I had my pre-prepared chicken and vegetables with a grapefruit

Dinner tonight will be lean beef mince with roasted vegetables and white cabbage.

Early night for me tonight I think, having the 3 boys home on school holidays is wearing me out (and testing my patience)

Take care x x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Margate Meltdown!

I have been an absent blogger over the last few days but it was a long weekend and I wanted to spend some quality time with my family.

We had a lovely few days, on Saturday we went to a local restaurant for lunch, just the 5 of us.

Sunday we got up and out of the house by 8.30 to wander round a couple of boot fairs. It was a pleasant morning and we picked up a few good bargains. After lunch I took on the mammoth task of cutting the grass in the back garden. We have a petrol mower that moves forward on it's own so I spent the afternoon being dragged around the garden squealing!

On Monday we went to the Margate Meltdown which is a Harley Davidson Rally. Fish & chips, lots of bikes and live music and we even got to play on the sandy beach.

Fish & chips on the packed sea front

Some crazy Harley designs 

After that we came home and sat in the garden, enjoying the sunshine.
My Mum & Me

My 9 year old niece

Me & My Dad 

So a weekend full of family & fun - but no fitness! Today is the first day of my lower carb meal plan and hopefully my 2 - a - day workouts.

I started off today with 2 boiled eggs over spinach, mushrooms and onions.

I didn't enjoy this that much, too many onions. I need to think of some other ways to get in a low carb breakfast.

I am taking the boys to the cinema to see Oz the great and powerful this morning and I am struggling to think of a healthy snack to take. I may just stick to a diet coke.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend too x x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Confession Time

Yesterday I ate. And ate. And ate. I literally inhaled everything in site. I have no idea why. But it was bad. I don't even want to try and estimate how many calories I consumed. Why do I do this to myself?  I was determined to get back on the healthy train and instead I ended up on the eat junk jet! I even ate things I don't really like (mini chocolate eggs from the boys Easter stash - yes I am a weird woman and don't really like chocolate)
Oh well whats done is done, I can't un-eat any of it so I just need to move on.
I am planning my meals for the next week and I am trying to really lower my processed carbs. I'm not counting them as such, just cutting out bread, couscous, and white potatoes. So my meal plan for next week looks something like
Breakfasts = Boiled egg with some form of protein (tuna, bacon, sausage - depends on what's in the shops)
Lunches = I am skipping the usual soup and rice cakes and going for chicken breast & roasted vegetables in a spiced tomato sauce. I have already cooked and portioned this for the whole week so come lunch times I can just grab one from the freezer and sling it in the microwave.
(The top one looks smaller as I ran out of veg so I will just roast some more on that day)
I will have a grapefruit, apple & a nectarine with this (or whatever fruit looks freshest when I go shopping)
Dinners = M - BBQ chicken breast with roasted veg
                 T - Tuna salad
                 W - Lean beef chilli on white cabbage 
                 T - Lemon pepper chicken salad
                 F - Left over chilli & roast veg
If I want to snack it will be on fresh fruit.
Speaking of fresh fruit, I love mango but over here we don't often have them due to the climate & they are expensive to import. Anyway the other day I decided to try one. Here is the end massacre result

There must be an easier way, it always looks so good when other people prepare it. It was good but I'm not sure it was worth the hassle!
I'm going to get back to Body Revolution & Running this weekend. I will double up my workouts as much as I can for the next 3 weeks, I am determined to reach 160 lb by my birthday:)
It is another Bank Holiday Weekend here (so it will probably rain for 3 days straight) Never mind, I am planning on lighting the fire this evening - can you believe it is 6 degrees here today? - and watching some of my new favourite show with Mr F
My brother has a Harley and has promised to take me out soon which has caused uproar in the family as he is not the most careful person. I know he would drive safely with me on board but try telling that to my other brothers and my dad. I am the baby sister of the family and must be treated accordingly :)
I really want this shirt though
I'm not even remotely a biker chick but I think with some denim cut offs it could look cute
I will leave you with some photos of my babes

Jakey being a flower in his school assembly

Bailey got so cross that the other two wouldn't pose properly for this one!
I hope you all have a fun weekend planned
I need this one today

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Blogging Etiquette

So I have only been doing this blogging lark for a few months and I'm still not 100% sure I'm doing it right or if there is even a right or wrong way. I basically just document my daily life throughout my journey to lose weight and get fit. I have added Instagram and twitter to my page but bear with me, I'm just as clueless about these things as I am blogging!

If anyone can steer me in the right direction with these things, I'd be grateful

Twitter - So is this basically where I update my day, several times a day, in a short sentence? like "just had a yummy lunch of blah blah blah" and then comment on other people's Tweets?

Instagram - Here is where I am supposed to take photos of said yummy lunch, kids in the park, my outfit etc and share them with a caption - am I getting this right?

Pinterest - This one I just spend ages trailing through and pinning what I like to my boards. So if you follow me I suppose the idea is that if I pin something you like, we may have a common interest and I may pin more that you like?

There should also be a rules of blogging bible or something, I had no idea if someone comments on your blog you are meant to go over to their blog and comment too. I also seem to be following and linking up with a lot of overseas bloggers. I take it this is ok. It just means I may not be able to meet at certain events or get togethers. I just follow the people I have most in common with and there don't seem to be many of my kind of blogs in the UK. If you know of any, feel free to let me know, although I thought the whole point of blogging (other than to document your life) was to make friends that you wouldn't normally due to meeting people from every part of the world.

And in between all this and my personal facebook account, writing this bog and stalking reading other peoples blogs, I am supposed to have a life?

I had no idea a little on line journaling could be so much work!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Weigh in Wednesday - Only if I really have to!

Good morning everyone, I am feeling slightly human again so am linking up with what the fuck, are you kidding me? Weigh in Wednesday
So I have had this nasty throat infection/flu like bug that Mr F has also had, BUT where as HE LOST 5LB! I am 3 lb UP!
meh, life can be such a bitch.
I am pretty sure I haven't gained 3 lbs of fat in a week. I have eaten a lot of tinned soups that are high in salt, drank no water only gallons of diet coke and comforted myself with bowls of buttery mashed potato.
Today I am back to clean food and feeling strong. My throat is still sore & I don't think I will workout today (as walking for half an hour taking the boys to school drained me) but I am back on the strict nutrition train and I ain't getting off!
I have just over 3 weeks until I go on holiday and I am gonna hit it hard for these 3 weeks.
I am aching to workout hard. These last few days have been a little scary if I am honest. I am proud of the changes I have made and am scared my body will just flip back to how it was in a just a few days of not working out & eating badly. I know it wont but I am so conscious of the fact that I want to move forward, not backward in this journey.

I will not undo the hard work it took to get here.

I know I haven't lost a huge amount of weight and I am not even near my goal yet, but every step needs to take me closer, not further away.

 So I have stocked up on fresh fruit & veg, and will be planning my meals for the next few weeks very carefully.

I was too ill on Monday to link up & post my weekly goals but my goal for when we go on holiday (which also happens to be my 32nd birthday - shhh) is to weigh 160 lbs. That is 7 lbs down from where I am today in just over 3 weeks. I can do this and if I can, so can you. If we can focus on our goals and are willing to make the effort, anything is possible.

I am looking forward to taking a vacation and knowing for once that even though I am not where I want to be just yet, I have done all I can to get this far.

By the way, if anyone is interested in guest posting while I'm away, let me know and we can sort something out :)

I hope you are all enjoying your hump day, until tomorrow x x


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sick as a dog!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I am sick. My wonderful husband who vowed to share everything with me obviously included severe throat infections! Thanks honey, love you toox normal service will resume as soon as I can sit up without wanting to faint.On a funny note, I am laying in bed posting this on my phone & Mr F is downstairs bathing the boys. All I can hear is "no don't drink it! Your bums are in there & it's germy"  Then 5 seconds later "I said get it out of your mouth! " haha I love leaving him in charge x x

Friday, 17 May 2013

Fast cars & 5Ks

As I live on the South East coast of little old England there seems to be a real shortage of 5K races for me to run once I have finished C25K.
I want a goal so I have found the perfect solution

Basically Kristine over at Heart Shaped Sweat has set up this virtual 5K to be run between June 1st - June 7th.
You can run, walk, swim or ride it & go it alone or join in with family & friends. It can be done on the treadmill, the track or any route of your choice. The most important thing is that you get moving.
You then pick a day, print out your race bib, choose your course & GO!
Afterwards we will be linking back up to blog & post pictures of our experience.
I am currently up to 26 minutes running so to complete the whole 5K at my current speed, I need to get up to about 38 minutes. It's not fast but I plan to jog the whole thing without having to stop. This gives me around 2 and a half weeks to add 12 minutes to my distance. Do able, if I get my ass into gear!
I will update soon on my chosen date & whether I'll be hitting the treadmill or the streets!
Tonight Mr F & I are off to see this
Sorry, lost my train of thought for a minute there, Vin Diesel will do that to a girl (TWSS)
Fast & Furious 6. These films hold a special place in my heart as when Mr F & I first met, he used to tune, modify & race cars. I remember the first film coming out and calling Mr F to ask if he would take me out for a spin. He had to strap me into my harness & although we were just "friends" having him that close to me almost made me faint with lust!
Sadly we no longer have a race car, to Mr F's dismay we own a 7 seater people carrier and a small diesel car that he takes to work! Oh the joys of growing up!
My food over the last few days has been a bit hit & miss. Without Mr F eating with me, I haven't really bothered to cook and if I do I don't really have much appetite. Obviously I have been feeding the kids, they are that annoying age where they actually ASK you to feed them. I know, the cheek of them - right?
I hope to get another 3 runs in at least before my next weigh in so hopefully my temporary change in eating habits won't kill me on the scale.
I REALLY want to be done with the losing weight part of this journey in 2013. I want to get to my goal size and then focus on getting stronger & leaner. I feel like I will never get there, maybe I'm just not destined to be thin. I am having "skinny anger" episodes again lately, you know when you see naturally skinny people who maintain their weight effortlessly and you think bitch  "it's not fair". I can't even imagine a life where I just eat what I want without thinking about it, planning it, counting it, burning it off. OMG what would I do all day? I'd be totally lost!
I must keep moving forward. Every day is a chance to get focused and start again. Every inch & pound puts me one step closer to the finish line. One bad choice will not defeat me, just force me to draw a line under it and keep pushing forward.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birthdays & Bowling

I don't have a huge amount of time to post today but I really wanted to link up with KTJ for

This girl is doing a fantastic job with her weight loss but has received some hurtful comments lately. I just wanted to link up to show that she has a whole army of supporters out here in blogsville!

I guess my NSV for this week would be having my photo taken at bowling yesterday & not wanting to immediately delete it (trust me, the outfit looked much better with knee high brown boots but alas bowling alley policy is to make you look like more of an idiot than you do actually trying to bowl the ball!)

OK, this is a REALLY stupid picture but I wanted to show you said stupid bowling shoes! You're welcome.
Trust me, it is totally alien to me to have a picture taken unawares and not be horrified when I realise I didn't get time to suck it in & offer my "thinnest" side. Don't get me wrong, I do not love this photo but neither am I so ashamed that I want it removed from the face of the earth!
Some more photos of Jake's 6th Birthday
My special guy & me

Happy Boy

Mr F & Oscar
I can't believe he is 6!

Oscar did a victory dance after every go

and so did Jake

One of his best presents
Iron Man 3 makes a grand appearance on the cake
It was a lovely day but unfortunately Mr F was (and still is) very ill. This time it isn't the usual "Man Flu" he really is poorly. But boy do we know it! Honestly I think we would have an only child if he had gone through labour. Nope, crazy old me decided I could do it another 2 times and live to tell the tale like millions of other women. There is a reason men don't have babies, they never fully grow up themselves.
So I am off to tend to the sick and put the boys to bed.
Have a good one x x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Weigh in Wednesday & Running Victories!

A super short post today as it is my little J's 6th Birthday and we are busy, busy, busy!

I just wanted to link up with Erin at Shes a Big Star & Alex at The Skinny Jean Pilgrimage for

Start Weight - 188 lb
Last Week's Weight - 165 lb
Today's Weight - 164 lb
Another pound down so super pleased with that. I was positive that going back to basics by counting points & more running would start shifting the pounds again and it has. Just gotta keep it up!
So after workout 8 of Body Revolution on Monday, my left quad is super sore. I think I pushed a lot harder on the forward lunges, the cross over lunges and the leg raise with resistance and it hurts. I am having to hold the banister to get down the stairs without falling flat on my face.
On the plus side though, today was C25K week 6 day 2 and I thought it might help loosen my muscles a bit so I gave it a go. The plan was to warm up then run 10 minutes, walk 3 minutes and run 10 minutes before a 5 minute cool down. However when the little man in my Ipod told me to walk after the first 10 minutes, I ignored him and kept running. I ran right through the walk period, the next 10 minute run period and 3 minutes into the cool down. A total run of 26 minutes. Can I get a woop woop! Now when I say run I actually go at a speed of 8 km per hour (5 mph) with a slight incline. At 5ft 4" short that is a fast enough pace for now!
To celebrate our boy's birthday we are going bowling then out to dinner with mine & Mr F's parents. I know I will be over points but Jake deserves to be spoilt rotten and indulged. That's the best thing about being 6 right?
Until tomorrow x x

Monday, 13 May 2013

Body Revolution, C25K & Weekly Goals

Great it's Monday morning. Said no one. Ever.

I however, am feeling positive today. I actually quite like Monday's, it's a chance to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh week.

Body Revolution - Phase 2 - Workout 7

I got this done on Saturday morning while the boys played the Wii. It is a fast paced workout with some really good moves, I like it.
The boat pose is hard to hold but I did my best and I could feel it when I laughed the next day. That to me is progress, it is changing my body for the better!
I am getting better at the crow push ups and the plank ups - Body Revolution is definitely building my upper body strength.
Downward dog push-ups = interesting. I sort of get it but it feels very un-natural. I'm not sure if this is to build shoulders or back or what really.
The chest press & chest fly with leg raises also seem to kill my abs. I really enjoy doing them & use my 10's every time.
Yes, after completing the workout I did indeed feel like Jillian had "beaten me like I owe her money" (do the workout, you'll get it) so I decided I may as well get on with my next workout straight away................

Couch to 5K - Week 6 - Day 1

I did this on the treadmill and it was tough after workout 7. I had to run 5 minutes walk 3, run 8, walk 3 then run 5 so a total of 18 minutes running. It feels like a bit of a step back after running 20 minutes but it does condition your body for longer runs.
When I felt like dying (the last 5 minutes) EMINEM'S "Lose yourself" came on my I pod. The beginning lines really struck a cord with me
"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?"
It got me pushing harder and brought out that inner fighter.
Then the chorus
"You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime"
I recommend it to anyone to stick on their running play list.
All in all a good morning's workouts burning 603 calories.
Sunday was my rest day although we took Ruby and the boys for a long walk along the beach.
Body Revolution - Phase 2 - Workout 8
This one I did today. I like it more than workout 7 actually. Except the warm up. I don't think I'll become a surfer anytime soon.
I still struggle with the torture tubes I have. The resistance for the leg extensions and the bicycle crunches seems hard to get right. I may try the harder band next time. 
The dead lift with curls seems easy even with 10's. I could do with going heavier on this one. It's my birthday soon, maybe I'll be surprised with some new weights.
The side lunge with crossover still makes my butt feel like it's going to fall off or something. When Jillian says right let's do it again I think "Noooo Mooooore"
Even after all my complaining, I love what is happening to my body with these workouts. I have days when I really don't want to bother but it is so worth it in the end.
I haven't taken many food photos recently but this was a really nice dinner. It was ginger & garlic chicken served over white cabbage. I'm hooked on white cabbage at the moment (oh well better than chips I suppose)

Last week I linked up with
 Operation Skinny Jeans

My Goals were

1. Drink Drink Drink! (water) Achieved

2. Get the boys homework/reading done as soon as it is issued An improvement on last week

3. No wine until Friday 1 out of 3 ain't bad

4. Be more present Another improvement here but could do better

This weeks goals
1. No alcohol Monday, Tuesday or Thursday (out to dinner for Jakey's Birthday Tuesday)
2. Complete week 6 of C25K
3. Make time for reading the boys a story before bed (it's become a bit hit & miss lately & they do love it)

So there you have it. Nothing too major but small, achievable weekly goals.
I hope you are all starting the week on a positive note.
Until tomorrow x x

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cheers to the Freakin Weekend!

It's Saturday in my somewhat grey & dismal corner of the world (how come we say corners, isn't the world round?)
Anyway, sadly but necessarily Mr F is at work - boo :( At least my boys are home and we are heading next door to my parents for lunch with my brother (I shall not be drinking OR letting him practice any "smash head into wooden sofa arm" self defence type moves!)
My little Oscar is poorly - again! This time it seems to be tonsillitis which means he's really clingy and not sleeping. I'm hoping he is building his immune system ready for starting nursery in September.
Body Revolution sadly fell by the wayside this week. Monday & Tuesday I still had a fuzzy head from the sofa collision. Wednesday was my scheduled run anyway - 20 minutes and I killed it! Thursday I had a pang of mummy guilt and chose to spend time out with my baby rather than with Jillian :) Friday my little guy became poorly and just wanted his mummy all day although I still walked an hour on the school run.
So there you have 5 days worth of excuses (Good ones I thought) seriously though, I hate making excuses for things and am constantly battling with my inner voice. Sometimes she wins and I can justify my actions - sometimes will power comes along, kicks her ass and I. get. it. done. I MUCH prefer will power, I always feel better when she wins which makes me remember the next time my excuse - making inner voice starts wining, how good it will feel to shut her up!
Food this week is better. I have been sticking to my points (mostly) If I could just get out of the stupid wine habit, I'd be great. I still allocated points for it (apart from Friday) but it weakens my resolve and makes me want to snack. I know I need to be stricter with myself because there is no point working out then ruining it with my diet. I am guilty of thinking "Oh well I lost weight last week and I ate/drank  x, y & z so it must be ok". I need to remind myself that it all catches up in the end.
This is not true.....
I am going to run today - Week 6 - Day 1 of Couch to 5K. I can't wait to crank up the volume and pound out my frustrations.
Hope you all have a good weekend
See you all soon x x

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Enjoying the small things

I can't believe it's Thursday already, these long weekends really throw me :)
Today I am having child issues (with 3 young boys - no big surprise) How do you guys deal with sharing toys? (I don't mean between yourselves, I'm talking about the little ones!)  B (7) & J (almost 6) share a room. They don't really have to although if they didn't I would have to lose the JUNK utility room. They choose to. J doesn't like the dark and prefers to be in with his big brother. O has his own room and obviously so do me & Mr F. The problem is their toys. They don't really have one half of the room each, they just store all their toys together and play along nicely.
Most times.
Today it's another case of "MUM, O has my wrestler and B wants to play with his car and I want B's transformer - but it's MINE!" kind of thing.
There is no real way I could possibly divide ALL the toys exactly and I don't want to, they are brought up to share. They do have private places each i.e a drawer (supposed to be for underwear but houses army men, bits of plastic, leaflets etc) They also have a high shelf for their breakables or extra special toys & a locked box for their valuables (bits of string, leaves, old bottle tops - don't you just love what kids find "value" in) But as for who each car or boat belongs to is just not really defined. They all play with each other anyway. I guess it's just something I will have to referee and try to be as fair as possible.
I love my boys to the moon and back but they are going to turn me grey by 35, I swear.

Another example of what a disorganised mother I am is finding Oscar's nursery acceptance letter amongst clutter today and realising the closing date for handing it in is tomorrow. Phew, nearly missed that one!

Which kind of brings me on to today's workout - skipping the official plan and taking Oscar & my pup Ruby to the play park instead :)

After signing his nursery letter it hit me that come September somebody else will be entertaining him for 3 hours a day. I got a bit sad and thought to myself - go out & have fun with your boy, you wont ever get today again!

I intend to enjoy the small things in life while I can because there will be one day when he won't want to come to the park with his mummy.

He will be too big to be lifted into the swing.

He wont stop to pick me a flower every 10 steps he takes.

He won't come running at me full speed to be picked up & swung through the air.

Then I will be sad. Until I remember today. The day I said "workouts can wait" & just enjoyed the small things.

 So I probably burnt the same calories as Body Revolution, it just took twice as long and was a whole lot more fun.

Today I wanted to link up with
My non scale victories for this week are:
1. Wearing a bikini (in our private garden) for the first time EVER. I don't think Mr F has even seen me in one since we met in 2004. I am no where near the "getting it out in public" stage but I felt good enough to strut my stuff at home (by the way I forgot to put sunscreen on and as my belly has never really seen the light of day, it got very burnt! stupid girl)
2. Being told by my brother that I have done AMAZING! with my weight loss. He is not a complimentary person nor does he ever say things that he doesn't mean so I was very pleased with that :)
Next I need some hair - help (excuse the zero make up face, I had just showered and dried my hair)


It is long and thick and I just don't know what to do with it (That's what she said) I would like to keep the length but maybe add a soft curl? It takes hours to straighten and when it gets damp - poof - I have frizzy head again! So if any stylists have a suggestion I'm all ears (& hair)
OK so that's me for today, just documenting another day in our lives. That's the reason I started this blog in the first place. I just wanted to share my life and my journey to get fit & healthy. And if I make some like minded blogger stalkers friends along the way - even better!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Don't let your mind hold your body back!

Welcome to Weigh in Wednesday.

I hope you all are having a good day so far!

Today I am linking up with

Start Weight - 188 lb
Last Week's Weight - 166 lb
Today's Weight - 165 lb
Total Lost to Date - 23 lb
Finally, a shift downwards. I've been going up & down the same few pounds for ages and by changing things up a little, I hope I have started the ball rolling again.
This is the motivation I need to step it up a notch. We all know it's much easier to stay focused when you're seeing results, I feel like it is worth all the effort I am putting in.
Excuses are easy to make and I spend a lot of time justifying why I can't do something when I really should be telling myself I can.
For example "you can't eat healthy food today, your family is here and they expect a good time"  I should be telling myself that I can have a ball no matter what I'm eating and though it may feel good at the time if I eat crap, it certainly won't feel good later or when I step on that scale.
When I don't feel like working out, that one teeny tiny pound will say to me "come on, look what we did last week, sure we're not there yet but we are closer than we were yesterday"
C25K - Week 5 - Day 3
Today I did my 20 minute continuous run. It's the one a lot of beginner runners dread because it is the longest run so far in the programme without a walk in between.
I have done the programme before so I knew if I just had faith in my self, I could nail it.
And I did.
It felt great to be back to that place. This time I will not stop running and I will push myself to find out what I am capable of achieving.
I feel that desire to push myself in a lot of things I do lately.
I don't want to be just an average weight - I want to be strong  
I don't want to just exercise - I want to be an athlete
I don't want to run for 30 minutes because I have to - I want to run for 3 hours because I can
I want to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be.
And why shouldn't I?
 If I'm willing to put in the work & determination, the discipline & drive - I deserve that smokin' hot body to go along with it :)
Just because I have been that fat girl, it doesn't mean I always have to be.
The only one who can do something about it is ME.
OK on to some good food......
For dinner last night I made chickpea, vegetable & couscous burgers which I shall name Chicabulous burgers - see what I did there?
Basically I took
1 tin of chickpeas
1 white onion
1 handful of cooked cauliflower, broccoli & carrot mix
4 small cooked potatoes
1/2 tin sweet corn
about 50 grams of dry couscous
Salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic powder
Blitz it all together in a blitzer type thing
Dust a baking tray with flour to stop them sticking
Take an egg ring and press the mixture into it on the baking tray. (I got 6 - 7 burgers)
Bake for about 35 minutes on a medium-high heat.
Serve with spicy beans or salad
These were a hit! They went all crispy on the outside due to the couscous and with no added fat they were low calorie & filling. Definitely be making them again. Mr F took the 2 leftover to work for his lunch so they must be good.
Awful picture but you get the idea - that white powder is white pepper that I sprinkled poured on after cooking
I hope everyone who's weighing in today gets the result they hoped for, but if you don't remember....