Monday, 22 July 2013

Re-fuelling the flame

I haven't been very fitness focused lately and it shows on this blog and the scale. I have gained 4lbs since the middle of June. I am not surprised, I have let my eating get off track and have not got my exercise in either BUT it stops here. I will not let my weight slowly creep up while the kids are off school for the next 6 weeks like I have done before. I am trying desperately to re kindle that flame of motivation that we all have in the beginning, but which dwindles and eventually dies out when we become comfortable.
I know I can lose weight and get into a routine with exercise if I put my mind to it and writing here helps keep me accountable.
I am returning to counting old style weight watcher points, it works for me so why change it?  I am also going to get running again. A lot. I am planning to join the realms of the ever increasing group of early morning exercisers. If I get up at 5am and have a cup of tea and watch a bit of news to wake me up, I can then get my run and shower done before Mr F leaves for work, leaving my whole day free to spend doing more fun things than working out!
I know I have to get back on track now. I was so pleased with my progress before and I don't want to be another statistic that gains back everything I have lost time and time again.

That being said, I have had a wonderful few weeks. We have finally had some hot summer weather here and we have been making the most of it.
Miniature train rides with Granddad 

Body boarding at pebbly beaches
Outdoor picnic at a remote control air show

Quiet mornings at the seaside while the big boys were at school
Who says paddling pools are just for kids?

Sandy beach fun

And I finally got my ride on a Harley Davidson.

Was it scary? yes, I was pretty sure I was coming off the back more than once!

Was it noisy? yes, even with a helmet on it was deafening!

Should I have been wearing a jacket? 100% yes but my bro assured me we were just going down the seafront at 10 mph. Of course once he got little sis out on the open road he couldn't resist whipping up to 70 mph and I had visions of losing inches of skin for the entire time on that road. Next time full body armour at least!

Would I go again? Hell yes, it was fantastic and definitely one to cross off my bucket list.

Oh and just to get completely caught up, remember my last post about wanting to workout and ache the next day? well I did level 1 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Having got to workout 8 on her body revolution programme I figured piece of cake right? wrong. I grabbed my 5lb weights and pretty much kept up with advanced Natalie the entire way through. The next day? I could barely walk let alone come down stairs without crying out. The following 3 days I was in so much pain I felt like I had been hit by a bus (not that I know what that feels like but I'm pretty sure this was close) A little advice, start slowly when you haven't done anything for a while otherwise you will be very sorry.

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