Blogs I love

Check these fantastic bloggers out (don't forget to tell 'em I sent you)

Down Sizing - A fellow runner who has done an amazing job on losing weight & getting fit
Mama Laughlin - this one is hilarious, if you need someone to tell it like it is, check her out!
My LIFE and Quest to get Healthy & Fit! - My first follower & supporter reports on her daily battles to lose weight & get fit

Coffee Cake and Cardio - Many inspirational posts here, a real thought provoker

Elle Noel - Fun, fun, fun I love this girls' style!

A Healthier Version of ME and YOU - My reason for starting a blog in the first place, rarely a day goes by that she doesn't post

Nienie - Go. Read it. No explanation needed for this awe inspiring woman

Little Pumpkin Grace - Probably one of the most creative mothers in the world

Hungry Girl Eats - The first post I read here was about public humiliation and sounded exactly like the kind of thing that happens to me! I look forward to getting to know this girl

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